Mimi And Her Panda

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Mimi And Her Panda
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Meet Mimi, a cute little girl that loves playing dressup with her pet panda, as well as picking all sorts of new mixes of clothes of all fabrics and colors for herself. Fashion and pets being two of her favorite interests, it's no wonder that Mimi asked us if she could bring her Panda along when we suggested she should star as a model in our next dressup game. A quick backdrop on this playful duo: Mimi got her cute panda friend as a gift for her 7th birthday and they have been BFF's ever since. Even though the panda cannot speak, he acts just like a human in many ways - he gets sad when Mimi doesn't have time to play with him because she needs to do her homework, he misses her when she's at school and loves playing in Mimi's room, either dressing up her dolls or sometimes spending a few too many hours playing computer games.


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