Ben Vs Gwen

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Racing & Driving

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Ben Vs Gwen is a fun racing game where the two friends are pitted against each other, you will be ben and your task is to win the race at each level and ensure you get enough points to get highest ratings. Ben can collect points as well as perform stunts to achieve higher rankings. Try and finish the race in the least time possible in order to be the real winner in this cliff hanger of a racing game. Till the very last moment you have to try your best as gwen is always just beside you . Avoid loosing balance as this will cause you to loose. Perform back flips and front flips as to jump from higher parts of track to gather cool bonus points. While bonus points are great also ensure that you remain careful of not loosing balance of the bike in case you are left behind and are trying to overtake gwen, she is a very good driver and she will maintain good speed through out the game, make sure you beat her in her own style by being consistent and not rushing through the levels. The game is a

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Driving, skill, racing

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