And So the Game Has Gone (Ep. 01)

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Action & Adventure

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Art/Music/Sound/Game by C. 'transient' Martin (

And So the Game Has Gone (The Game) EP 01 is
The adventures of a star called down to earth to resolve a brewing conflict. Plagued by youfos and looms it sets out to spread happiness throughout the lands. Armed with the power of the raimbro which has been developed through meditation the stars presence leaves nothing untouched. 'And So the Game Has Gone' is a vibrant and imaginative platformer set in a twisting and undulating world of color. Spread Happiness! Harass Birds! Discover hidden art galleries! Shoot raimbros! Be the 8-pointed star.

'And So the Game Has Gone (Ep. 01)' is an art as game platformer by c 'transient' martin based on his album as 'fascinating earthbound objects' of the same name.

Control :

When the game prompts for the A button to be pressed on the Xbox 360 controller and your using keyboard press [space] instead.
[Arrow keys]/[Left Analog Stick] controls FEOs movement.

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