Abandoned Maunsell Sea Fort Escape

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Greetings!We have recently released an awesome game in our portal. Your users will love playing this game. We request you to take a look and add the game to your portal. Find the game details below:Name: Abandoned Maunsell Sea Fort Escape Description: A tourist as part of river trip thames visited and got trapped in the maunsell sea fort. There are hints, objects and puzzles left. Find those hints, solve the puzzles and help the Game URL: http://www. eightgames. com/abandoned-maunsell-sea-fort-escapeSWF: http://www. eightgames. com/games/files/Abandoned_Maunsell_Sea_Fort_Escape. swfThumbnail1:http://www. eightgames. com/distribution/images/Abandoned-Maunsell-Sea-Fort-Escape-200X250. jpg Thumbnail2:http://www. eightgames. com/distribution/images/Abandoned-Maunsell-Sea-Fort-Escape-160X120. jpgThumbnail3:http://www. eightgames. com/distribution/images/Abandoned-Maunsell-Sea-Fort-Escape-120X90. jpg Thumbnail4:http://www. eightgames. com/distribution/images/Abandoned-Maunsell-Sea-Fort-Esca

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