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2016 was by no means a picnic, and it's not over yet. Of course, there's always alcohol to numb the pain (drink responsibly, guys). "2016" is a simple little game I whipped up to help you get hopelessly inebriated while being reminded of all the most painful and bizarre parts of the year that's now thankfully mostly behind us.

From celebrity deaths to wildfires and from bizarre inventions to ridiculous political fuckery, "2016" has it all. Gather your friends, gather some alcohol and take turns to pick a day from the calendar. If something happened, follow the instructions and drink... or add a little something to the "Bad Decisions" glass for future use.

This little game is free. Hope you enjoy it, and donations are welcome; they'll be put towards working on a neater, tidier, expanded version.

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Tap or click on the grey buttons to explore the calendar!

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