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Greetings!We have recently released an awesome game in our portal. Your users will love playing this game. We request you to take a look and add the game to your portal. Find the game details below:Name: Abandoned Runwell Mental Hospital Escape Description: It was an abandoned mental hospital. You are trapped inside of it. There are some objects, hints and puzzles. Find the objects, solve the puzzles and escape from there. Game URL: http://www. eightgames. com/abandoned-runwell-mental-hospital-escapeSWF: http://www. eightgames. com/games/files/Abandoned_Runwell_Mental_Hospital_Escape_WT. swfThumbnail1:http://www. eightgames. com/distribution/images/Abandoned-Runwell-Mental-Hospital-Escape200X250. jpg Thumbnail2:http://www. eightgames. com/distribution/images/Abandoned-Runwell-Mental-Hospital-Escape-160X120. jpgThumbnail3:http://www. eightgames. com/distribution/images/Abandoned-Runwell-Mental-Hospital-Escape120X90. jpg Thumbnail4:http://www. eightgames. com/distribution/images/Abandon

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Author : Eightgames
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